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How data analytics can revolutionise manufacturing in Industry 4.0

The arrival of technological advancements in manufacturing has ushered in a new era of innovations and challenges for smart factories. For businesses in the era of Industry 4.0, data analytics serves as the driving force for revolutionising manufacturing processes and addressing new challenges that come with it. 

Why manufacturers should prioritise transferable skills in recruitment

The Australian manufacturing sector is at a crossroads between keeping up with automation and technological evolution and the pressing issue of attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. 

Who’s leading in sustainable manufacturing?

Sustainability topics have continued to rise to near the top of the agenda for many manufacturing CEOs. More and more we are seeing their commitments published along with their investment in delivering environmentally sustainable business. But how well are companies doing, what else can be done, and who’s setting the example?

From design to perfection: Streamlining additive manufacturing through advanced post-processing techniques

Additive manufacturing (AM) has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years. The process's ability to manufacture complex geometries, customised parts, and intricate designs is unparalleled.

Business Views

Advanced Navigation powers Australia’s largest private satellite

Space Machines Company, an Australian enterprise specialising in orbital logistics and services, has launched their first orbital service vehicle (OSV), Optimus, powered by Boreas X90, a Digital Fibre-Optic Gyroscope (DFOG) Inertial Navigation System (INS) developed by Advanced Navigation.

Featured Article

The Intelligent Manufacturing Forum: Automation pathways for Australian manufacturers

The Australian manufacturing sector is navigating increasingly rapid changes in industry dynamics as more technological advancements are adopted worldwide. 
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Drive Productivity and Growth with a Resilient Supply Chain

One of the major challenges for modern manufacturers in the post-pandemic era is the reliability of its supply chain. When building material and critical components used in the production line fall short, productivity drops, and operational costs can rise very quickly. In fact, a disruption can cost an organization 45% of one year’s profits over the course of a decade.

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